Feet of Memory - in support of the Alzheimer's Association

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A walk from Key West, Florida, to Fort Kent, Maine - the length of historic US-1 in 100 days, to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer's Association

Geoffrey Darling, resident of Canton, Ohio, plans to walk an average of 24 miles a day, starting St Patrick's Day and ending on July 4.

Check out the Facebook page "Feet of Memory"  - an unashamed nod to the power of social media - and give it a Like, if you like.

Feet of Memory Inc. is registered as a non-profit organization with the State of Ohio as of September 29, 2012 and has filed a 501(c)3 application for tax exempt status with the IRS. For a donation to Feet of Memory just press the button below and fill out the form that will pop out  -  many, many thanks

A happy family celebrates homecoming with hope for the future


This contains, above all else, inspiration and dedication. The inspiration is from a happy safe return from World War II - the corporal on the left was my father, who taught all who would listen to "Never Give In" - he died in his mid-80s still sound in mind. Next, his young bride Pat was not so lucky, spending her last 24 years in the increasingly deepening shadow of Alzheimer's Disease and inspiring this walk. Next, her younger brother, now in his mid-80s and after an exciting and stimulating lifetime with his active mind, slowing rapidly; next her mother who died five years after this photo, and finally her father, whose dementia in the late 1960s was called Parkinsons, nevertheless a powerful affliction that lessened his enjoyment of his latter years and left him bed-ridden and increasingly confused.


Contacts:Geoffrey (330-819-8109) and Rose (330-639-5378) DarlingEmail: feetmemory@yahoo.comBlog:  Feetofmemory.blogspot.com

Web: www.feetofmemory.com