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The march toward the cure




Feet of Memory, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of enabling endurance walks and theatrical performances to raise awareness and funds in support of Alzheimer's research.





Call to Mind - Tenacity - Walk in Support of

Alzheimer's New Zealand

September 6-12, 2014

Geoffrey Darling (and friends) are set to walk more than 160 miles in a week...at marathon pace each day, to raise awareness and funds for the organisation. Starting at Cape Reinga, the walk continues to Whangarei,

with stops along the way.  

In addition to walking a daily marathon,

Geoffrey will present his original, solo theatre play, "Tenacity"  in locations along the way and as part of the ceremonial grand opening of the new Alzheimer's Northland building. On September 10, Geoffrey presents an evening performance of "Tenacity" in Kerikeri.


Let’s talk "Tenacity": "Tenacity" is a tribute to the patience of caregivers everywhere, and that of a woman who began her  journey with Alzheimer’s Disease reluctanty but ended it in triumph. It examines the dilemma of not wanting to be “a burden to others” and being frightened of the approaching “cotton wool” that appears to absorb all thoughts;  ultimately it resolves that we must play the cards as they are dealt to us and our resolve to do so will be a comfort and a guide for others that follow.





It is autobiographical



Geoffrey plays both parts, the caregiver and the patient and performances have absorbed audiences and brought this glowing tribute from the CEO of a care organisation in Ohio, where he is currently based:

Geoffrey Darling is the voice of millions of individuals who have been silenced with Alzheimer's and the caregivers who support them.  Leaving the audience with a greater sense of courage and understanding, Tenacity is a must-see production for all caregivers and their families."

Cindy Walker, Director: Seniors Helping Seniors

Twinsburg, OH,USA


Read More About Geoffrey on the website 

Geoffrey Darling in training

By far the worst disease, it's said

Is the one that kills before we're dead.

The one that lies inside our head

and dims the lights before we're in bed.

Geoffrey Darling 2012 

A bit more about us

In late March 2012 Geoffrey Darling began to think of ways he could honour his mother, and fight the disease that took her life 24 years before she died. Alzheimer's Disease has a way of doing that. It clouds the mind, erases memories, relationships and eventually takes even normal bodily functions and reduces them to ... nothing. Discussing this with Rose, the pair began to consider the possibility of forming a  nonprofit organization that would draw attention to the disease and the need for research, as well as raise funds to help researchers. A few phone calls away, and a small group came together to begin the long and detailed process of becoming recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization. Several awareness/fund raisers continued to bring word of the organization to the community. Now, two years plus later, Feet of Memory heads to New Zealand to participate in a major event for Alzheimer's New Zealand.As the organization grows,we will keep you notified of what's happening as well as new research developments. If you have questions, please write feetmemory@yahoo.com

If you have questions about the website, please contact

Rose Darling at feetmemory@yahoo.com